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I had to take Cagney aka the Monkey to the vet when I got home yesterday. One cat had intruded upon our backyard, which is the turf of Agatha the Cat Genius, and Agatha got into a fight with the other cat. Our three dogs were also in the backyard and it appears that Cagney, being part terrier, pinned the intruder down, and the latter responded by biting on his paw. The punctures turned out to be superficial, but the little guy wouldn't put any weight on it. Today, he's still limping, but he can walk much more easily.
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Has anybody else watched the first episode of "Manh(A)ttan"? It looks like it'll be more about he cloak & dagger stuff than about Science, but I'll keep watching before I make my decision. I'm not too keen though on one of the main characters throwing the gang's one Asian scientist under the metaphorical bus after he latter does something really stupid that has the spooks go after their team.
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Yesterday was my first day-off in more than two months and at no point did work intrude. I read a Modesty Blaise novel. I watched episodes of “Game of Thrones”, and the next-to-last episode of “Halt and Catch Fire”. I watered flowers. I drank coffee. I ate cheese – in moderation. I took our new vehicle to Garcia Honda because it had reached the 5000-mile mark, but they said that it doesn’t need to be done yet, which didn’t stop them from doing a quick checkup of everything, and free of charge too. I was quite impressed by the service.
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"Hallo, Steve."
She offered her cheek. He kissed it lightly, then said "Your face is all sweaty. Ladies are only supposed to glow."
"You try jumping around wearing a plastron and a fencing jacket with a couple of breast protectors in it."
"Breast protectors?" He prodded her experimentally. "So there are. I won't try it on though. Misunderstandings could arise..."

From Modesty Blaise novel "A Taste for Death" and the more I think about it, the more I see Modesty played by Eva Green. Then again, I'll be happy to see anything with Eva Green in it. Except for "Camelot".
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After Page One called to say that my order of Armistead Maupin's remaining Tales of the City had arrived, the young lady who took care of things when I got there said that she too enjoyed the stories, especially after recently moving here from San Francisco. It's funny how someone who was probably nearly two decades from being born when the original Tales were written can be nostalgic for a place that doesn't exist anymore. Come to think of it, I can very well understand how one can be nostalgic for the Bay Area.

6 for 8

Jul. 26th, 2014 05:29 pm
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I just worked six hours today so that I could take eight hours off on Monday. A bit absurd, yes, but I *am* taking a day off. Go me!
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"He found himself smiling. He, too, had come home."

Allen Steele's novel "Coyote Destiny" was not my favorite in the series, but it ended the whole affair in a bittersweet and yet satisfying way.

19 years

Jul. 25th, 2014 06:04 am
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Today is the 19th anniversary of my being with the same employer. I am the last surviving member of our team as it stood when I started. Goodness, the technological changes I've gone thru in all that time...
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It'd appear that Alexei Panshin has taken me off his Facebook list. Not sure why. So it goes.
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Yesterday I came across a quote from the late James Garner where he proudly declared himself to be a bleeding-heart liberal card-carrying Democrat. Some respnded to this by saying they thought he'd been a Reagan Republican. I guess some on the Left had let themselves believe the Right's propaganda. There is the 'man' who thinks that a man must impose his bad-monkey will upon the others. There is also the man who knows he is strong, but who uses his strength to protect the Tribe.
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I accomplished an accomplishment at work today.
Not just any accomplishment.
A *great* accomplishment.

That's exactly what I needed to prove to myself that this morning's doubts are silly. (My thanks to those of you who commented in this morning's earlier post.)
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I don't know which is worse, that office treats me like I am mediocre, or the encroaching feeling that maybe they are right and I *am* mediocre.
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I accomplished an accomplishment at work today. Go me.
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Here are some of the things that anyonymous co-workers wrote about me during a society game played when I was last in the Bay Area;

- very knowledgeable and helpful
- very open and available
- very helpful and resourceful
- very hardworking
- very kind and hardworking

I sure have them fooled.
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"It's Hell out there!"

And that's exactly who's on the other side of a door, in "Battlestorm", the third and final part of Sue's tale of Ragnarok in San Francisco, which she turned in to Tor this morning.
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I still read and enjoy comic-books, but not DC/Marvel much anymore. Sometimes I'll take a look at one of my once-faves, buy a few issues, then decide I'm not interested anymore. That recently happened with the "Fantastic Four". Yesterday, I decided to try "Supeman" because its art is now by John Romita Jr. The story seems ok, but it's still too early to tell. Mind you, if DC decided to bring Busiek back as the writer, there'd be no uncertainty.
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I just came back from the local SF club's monthly meeting. I felt tongue-tied tonight for some reason, and, when someone would talk to me, it seemed to me that what I said was dumb or dull and so I'd let the conversations peter out.
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I accomplished 1.5 accomplishment at work today.
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I'm all set for that tech training in Redwood City the week o August 4. Class registration is complete. Plane tickets have been acquired, and i'll be flying in and out of Oakland. Yes, that's on the other side of the Bay Area from Redwood City, but I'm willing to endure a longer train ride because SFO's own security theater looks much more lengthy. I'll be staying at what appears to be a nice hotel less than 3 miles from the training site.


Jul. 9th, 2014 08:42 pm
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Sue just wrote a scene in her fantasy novel where Mist the Valkyrie kicked the god Loki in the nuts.