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It's no fun being a miracle worker... Our higherups announce the urgent/asap setup of a new testing environment and they didn't involve me until the announcement was made. They obviously have no idea of the complexity of my usual contribution to such setups because, when I rattled off a partial list of ll the details I need to know, they couldn't tell me. I'm like Cary Grant. I make what I do look easy.
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"You're the best, and a very good person."

So wrote one of our newbies to me today, and this simply because I told her not to hesitate if she has a question about our system, and that I am available at any time if something goes wrong while she's oncall.
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I've made our room reservation for Sasquan, the 2015 worldcon in Spokane. We'll be staying at the Davenport. It's the official party hotel, but I requested something on the *quiet* floor.

Now that this is taken care of, I'll go wash some dishes.
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Today my soul was starved a little more at work - ironically by someone who used to complain to me about others doing that very same thing to her.
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We watched "Guardians of the Galaxy" for the third time last night. I wish that, as he exclaimed "Behold!" before preparing to zap Xandar into oblivion, Ronan had also done the Jack Kirby thing, with one hand's fingers splayed out, but, yes, we enjoyed it. As the movie began and Marvel's logo went thru its rapid montage, it gave me a certain satisfaction to remind myself I was reading this stuff long before it was cool.
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I just came back from the talk and signing held at Page One by writers Daniel Abraham and S.M.Stirling. I chatted with Kat Andmouse, Daniel's wife, and with their precocious daughter, Princess Sparklepants, who was elsewhere in the bookstore with a stack of ten books. Yes, I had a very good time.
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Last night wad the local SF club's monthly meeting. I rarely get to socialize so the evening was nice, but I tend to feel a bit melancholy afterward.

But I did win a pass to the local rep cinema's showing of Terry Gilliam's "The Zero Theorem" for next weekend.
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Warning! Bud Webster’s book “Anthopology 101” is to be approached with great caution. When I originally read some of his columns about pre-1975 anthologies in the Bulletin of the SFWA, I found myself acquiring a few of those anthologies. Reading the book of all his columns almost made me do it again. I… must… resist… By the way, his 2-part column about how Pamela Sargent’s “Women of Wonder” anthologies were originally received reminds me of the adage that the more things change, the more they stay the same.
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I celebrated my birthday thus yesterday... Once work was over, I went out and bought "Winter Soldier". I then had shrimp fried rice. I later drank a big can of Australian beer while "The People That Time Forgot" was on tv, followed later by "Flash Gordon".

the King

Sep. 9th, 2014 02:35 am
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September 9, 1955... Elvis Presley's first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show...

ping pong

Sep. 5th, 2014 05:09 pm
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I just spent the last hour being bounced between one coordinator who said I was supposed to have done a certain task today and another coordinator who said it's not due until next week. I need a drink.
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I've been feeling a bit melancholy today and my choice of medicine was to either sip some Green Fairy, or go buy a book. I chose the latter and came back with not one but *two* books. One is Seanan McGuire's "Winter Long", an October Daye novel released this week. The other is the first volume in David Mack's "Star Trek: Seekers" series. It's been decades since I bought an ST novel, but I liked what Mack said when a fan criticized him for having homosexual characters in another ST novel. Also this novel's cover design was a clear homage to James Blish's novelizations of the original episodes, and this lifted my spirits without my imbibing any spirit.
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"I am more than just a code cruncher."

So said I this morning to my formerly-fellow-coordinator-and-now-my-coordinator. We may have once described ourselves as the Dynamic Duo, but we don't get along anymore now that the balance of power has changed. Today's latest was caused by her tossing a task to me after she discussed it with a third party instead of involving me from the word go in what is an area of our system of which I am THE expert.
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This morning was my once-a-month one-on-one with my boss. She brought up a question I had asked her a few months back, about what my position and function in the new system's team would be, a question that she herself had been able to answer, and asked me if I had figured it out. I casually listed things I have been doing and will be doing, in other words doing what needs to be done, and ended with "Basically a handyman". I'm proud to say that the way I said it made her laugh.
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According to my office calendar, warrior-maids of Mars go around wearing high heels, and their armour consists of a tight-fitting black dress with a diaphanous looser dress on top of that.


Sep. 2nd, 2014 07:37 am
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We enjoyed the first episode of "Forever" last night. How could we not, when its cast includes Judd Hirsch, and Ioan Gruffud, who plays a New York City morgue examiner who's been around for 200 years and is trying to find a cure to his own immortality?
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Since I wanted to celebrate Labor Day without any excessive laboring, I spent many hours on Sunday scrubbing the grouting of the tole floors of the kitchen and of the bathrooms. My knees are still going thru recovery from that. Yesterday though, I took it easy. SyFy was having a Star Trek marathon of the original cast's movies. I caught the beginning and the end of "The Motionless Picture", with a gym workout and some grocery trip in the middle of it. I watched all of "The Wrath of Khan". I skipped "The Search for Spock" except for its one good scene - when the Enterprise burns thru the planet's atmosphere. I missed the whale one and the whole cast's last one, but I caught enough of universally reviled "The Final Frontier" aka "The Search for God" to begin thinking it might be better than I remembered. Heck, we got to see Uhura dancing while wearing only ferns. By the way, it feels strange to realize that I am one year older than Shatner and Nimoy were when they made that movie.
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god i'm furious

LATER: I feel calmer because I was vindicated in that I had made the right decision and also because it shows that I have better social skills than my smarter former-colleague-and-now-immediate-higherup. Sorry, folks, for the griping.
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Last time I was at our Bay Area office, I noticed that they had fixed the conference-room issue of having many network cables, but only one connection that actually worked. Had they gone wireless? They took a much simpler approach: they ditched all cables except for the one that had a working connection.