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I peeked ahead at my office's 2015 pulp calendar and it has some awesome stuff. Especially the guy flying across the sky with his arms held like a plane's wings, with a scantily-clad lady sitting on his butt.
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"Alas, the matter is out of my hands. I will deliver you to the Queen, or we will both face her wrath."
I crossed my arms and scowled at him. "Arden is not all that wrath-y. She used to be a bookstore clerk."

I am reading "Winter Long", Seanan McGuire's most recent novel about October Daye.
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Reading A Bertram Chandler's novel "The Road to the Rim"... Something is off about the story. I have a similar reaction to Kim Stanley Robinson's tales so that tells more about me than about Chandler. Also, the sexual politics are quite a reflection of when the story was written.
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After a refrigerator that wouldn't get cold, after a dryer that wouldn't get warm, I just had to deal with a Christmas Tree the light strands of which all went out. I approached this scientifically: i removed the bottommost strand, plugged the end of the next-one-up into the electric cord, and the Tree came back to life.

In other news, a road runner came down from the top of the hill to our backyard lawn. This caused great frustration for the beasty boys trapped indoors.
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I did it last year. I also did it this year. Or was it twice this year? This is the second time I've entered the wrong password once too many on my blackberry, and that caused it to wipe itself out. It rebuilt my phone list though so I mostly lost time. And the few photos I was still keeping on it. So it goes.
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"That's who we'll have fightin' on our side, the devil!"

"Still Valley", a seldom seen episode of the Twilight Zone, is about Johnny Reb being offered a sure way of winning the War, but in the end he turns down the Devil's offer, for the sake of his eternal soul. Why am I bringing this up? The recently released report on torture committed by our side makes me feel that this time some people have made that Deal, no matter what happens to our country's soul.
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One advantage of working from home is that you can drink on the job.
One problem with that is when your job makes you want to drink.
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It's 'fascinating' how people can fail to communicate even when using the same language, with one person thinking she's helping with suggestions and counsels, and the other person seeing those as dictates. Universal translators somehow never have problems like that.
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The first episode of "The Librarians" was a bit clunky, but it was the first episode. I think Noah Wyle was channeling Matt Smith, which is not surprising, since scriptwriter John Rogers was never above making "Doctor Who" jokes when he did "Leverage". Oh, and the Library has moved to Portland, Oregon.
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I just asked a teammate how the department's Christmas party in the Bay Area went last night. Part of his response was that they no longer call it a party. It is now a "team recognition event".

Let's have a team recognition event like it's 1999!!!
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"Two wrongs don't make one right. Eventually, turn left when you should have turned right, or right when you should have turned left, and, if you do this often enough, you'll wind up going in the right direction. That's why people came to me for help. The client in my mirror needed a lot of help."

The opening line of yet another noir story I'd write if I could write a story.
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I just had the once-a-month one-on-one with my boss. I was told I shouldn't take it personally that my teammates aren't responding to my requests for the information I need to get their work approved for deployment. People are soooo busy, you see. Oh well. I'll go to Starbuck's for my morning brew.
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I just finished reading "Cibola Burns", James SA Corey's 4th novel of the "Expanse" space opera. You bet it's going to be one of my Hugo nominees next year.
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Yesterday the boss sent an email to the team congratulating one of us for his excellent work on a project. I was a bit perplexed because he had not worked on that project. I wrote to the person who *had* and it turns out that, when his coordinator nominated him for an excellence award, the wrong person's name was given. This makes me feel better about the boss not knowing what it is that I do for this team.
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There's this FB group that I'd joined more than one year ago, and enjoyed it, Yesterday though, they put up a post asking members not to riot or burn anything once it reaches 2500 members. I asked if this was an appropriate source of levity. The following comments just went on for more of the same 'humor' so I guessed that answered my question. I wrote to the person running the group, explained why I was leaving, then I left. I guess that makes me a bleeding-heart liberal.
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Lisa Goldstein has sold a new novel!

"Great news -- I've sold a novel to Skyhorse/Night Shade Books, called Weighing Shadows. It's a time-travel novel, something I've always wanted to write (...) This is also possibly my first explicitly feminist novel. Feminism, these days, seems to be a dirty word, attacked from all sides (see the comment section for just about any post that even vaguely suggests women are equal to men..."

Go here for further details:
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This week, I realized that someone who once said how highly my friendship was valued didn't feel that way anymore, for reasons unknown. Friendships - whether they be long-distance or not - are precious things. That's why, although I stopped frequenting the same haunts, I have left my door open for when that person realizes her loss.
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One of our former users, who is now a higherup elsewhere in the corporation, but who sometimes collaborates with our team, was happy to hear that, when our old system is retired, I'll still be around for our new system. That's my second instance of professional appreciation in one day, and lunch hasn't even happened yet.


Nov. 20th, 2014 09:08 am
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Based on a comment made by one of my higherup's higher-ups during a meeting this morning, my successful handling of our system's switch-to-the-backup exercise one month ago has been noticed favorably.
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The layers of system-change freezes are now so numerous that finding a date when I could deploy a change felt like a game of fizzbin.