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Earlier this week, 'they' finally decided which of our new system's servers should be used to receive/send files. Before I could proceed, I wrote to 'them' and said I needed details about this, this, this, *and* that. No answer. Yesterday, one of 'them' asked me if I was ready to proceed. I responded that I needed details about this, this, this, *and* that. No answer. Today, another one of them one of 'them' asked me if I was ready to proceed. I responded that I needed details about this, this, this, *and* that. No answer yet.


Apr. 15th, 2014 09:01 am
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I just realized it was time to renew my subscription to French-Canadian SF magazine "Solaris" so off a check went out to them. Did I really become a subscriber 39 years ago?


Apr. 15th, 2014 05:32 am
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"Do you get electric shocks all year?"

So said the occupant of a car who'd parked next to mine at the gym. I knew right away what she meant, and said that it's not unusual during New Meico's dry winters to get static shocks. The lady explained she'd just moved here from Maine, by way of Norway.
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I am looking forward to September 2015. That's when we'll see the premiere of tv series "The Expanse", about human growth into our solar system then beyond, based on the novels by James S.A. Corey, aka local writers Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank. Some of the writers involved in "Iron Man" are behind this and, while each episode will be first aired on SyFy, the network, which is now run by people who like SF, will not own this. That means no space shark.
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"I was in one of the Enfolded Dimensions. I calmed an ifrit. There was a celebration, it went on late. But there was sushi. Amazing, fantastic sushi. At least, I *think* it was sushi."

So said the Silver Adept, cranky-in-the-morning sorceress, to her assistant whose story Kurt Busiek tells us in "AstroCity #11: The Sorcerer's Assistant".
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"Go ahead and run the show."

That's what I said to one of our newbies tonight. He knew how to handle the issue with our system, but I told him I'd be in the background if he wasn't sure of one of the steps. People take chances and learn better that way. Besides, I like to manage people that way because that's how *I* wanted to be managed.
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I managed not to laugh at the higherup who wanted us to come up with a detailed project plan, but who became quite lost when I rattled off the technical issues that need to be resolved before we come with such a plan with specifics.
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Something neat happened today... We have a new person in our team, and one of our contractors offered to take care of one of the tasks I normally handle with newbies. I had not asked for volunteers. He volunteered out of the blue. I'd like to think it's because I encourage folks to take initiatives, but I'm not that delusional. Still, that was neat.


Apr. 8th, 2014 06:29 am
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A former co-worker called me last night, to ask if it was ok to give me as a reference for a new position where she now works. I said yes, of course. For one thing, I don't forget when someone has been kind to me.
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I saw "Captain America: Winter Soldier" last night. While it was very entertaining, while I *liked* it, I can't say that I did as much as his first film. Sue and I talked about it after it was over and part of the problem is that, while Cap seems almost as unkillable as Wolverine, the former comes across as Superman, and almost impervious to pain. Part of it also is that they pretty much completely skipped Cap being from Out of Time, aside from his being curious about Disco.
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This year's Jack Williamson Lectureships were held April 3-4, in Portales, New Mexico. I had a good time with friends as you can see. I also enjoyed the attendees's breakfasts at Mark's Grill, an establishment that I understand was often frequented by Williamson.

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My chisel appears to have been misplaced so, when I needed to chip the edges off a yard rock yesterday, I used a screwdriver and my small sledgehammer. Said sledgehammer was also used with my axe to split a couple of bricks in half. Is this what is called "thinking outside the (tool)box"?
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I was a few bricks short of a full load so I went back to the big-box store and was able to finish that phase of my yardwork project before darkness fell. Right now I'm enjoying not working.
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We got our 2013 tax refund from Uncle Sam today so I went out and bought 24 bricks. More of them will be needed for a yardwork project, but I didn't want to bust the car's suspension.
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I've done my patriotic duty and wrote the checks for the year's first quarterly tax payments.

In other news, Sue just got a royalty check that, after the above, leaves us some money.
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I first came across the word 'heir' in a comic-book in which the Silver Surfer meets a modern descendant of Frankenstein.
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Not sure I'll watch the next episodes of SyFy's Henson Creature Competition. Why is it that such shows feel the need to inject animosity between some of the contestants? Isn't it enough to watch people working to create?
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I'm not sure what the weirdest part of last night's dream was. That Robert Silverberg and I would be at a pub talking as equals as he asked my opinion about his work-in-progress? That he was writing a space opera? Or that, after we left, I couldn't find my car on the parking lot in spite of my key's remote?
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I am thoroughly enjoying what will be another of *my* finalists in the novel category of 2015's Hugos.
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I'm back from Page One with my very own copy of Austin Grossman's "Soon I Will Be Invincible".