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I just finished reading "Cibola Burns", James SA Corey's 4th novel of the "Expanse" space opera. You bet it's going to be one of my Hugo nominees next year.
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Yesterday the boss sent an email to the team congratulating one of us for his excellent work on a project. I was a bit perplexed because he had not worked on that project. I wrote to the person who *had* and it turns out that, when his coordinator nominated him for an excellence award, the wrong person's name was given. This makes me feel better about the boss not knowing what it is that I do for this team.
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There's this FB group that I'd joined more than one year ago, and enjoyed it, Yesterday though, they put up a post asking members not to riot or burn anything once it reaches 2500 members. I asked if this was an appropriate source of levity. The following comments just went on for more of the same 'humor' so I guessed that answered my question. I wrote to the person running the group, explained why I was leaving, then I left. I guess that makes me a bleeding-heart liberal.
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Lisa Goldstein has sold a new novel!

"Great news -- I've sold a novel to Skyhorse/Night Shade Books, called Weighing Shadows. It's a time-travel novel, something I've always wanted to write (...) This is also possibly my first explicitly feminist novel. Feminism, these days, seems to be a dirty word, attacked from all sides (see the comment section for just about any post that even vaguely suggests women are equal to men..."

Go here for further details:
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This week, I realized that someone who once said how highly my friendship was valued didn't feel that way anymore, for reasons unknown. Friendships - whether they be long-distance or not - are precious things. That's why, although I stopped frequenting the same haunts, I have left my door open for when that person realizes her loss.
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One of our former users, who is now a higherup elsewhere in the corporation, but who sometimes collaborates with our team, was happy to hear that, when our old system is retired, I'll still be around for our new system. That's my second instance of professional appreciation in one day, and lunch hasn't even happened yet.


Nov. 20th, 2014 09:08 am
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Based on a comment made by one of my higherup's higher-ups during a meeting this morning, my successful handling of our system's switch-to-the-backup exercise one month ago has been noticed favorably.
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The layers of system-change freezes are now so numerous that finding a date when I could deploy a change felt like a game of fizzbin.


Nov. 13th, 2014 09:24 am
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The plots of "Forever" tend to be unimaginative, and I do wish someone would mark dead-and-buried on stories that rely on comic-book fans as unstable, but I keep watching because of Ioan Gruffud and Judd Hirsch, and it was nice to see Rosalind Chao show up in one episode as an antique-weapon dealer who's rather sweet on Hirsch's character.
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From my getting-better-at-this dept... Once again my coordinator overrode my design in an area where I am a greater expert than she is, but I barely twitched inside, nor did I raise any objection outside. It *is* just a job after all.
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"Have you a message for home?"
"Yes, please. Tell my Da that I died doing my duty and that I didn't mind it. I just didn't mean to die so young."

From Mary Robinette Kowal's novel-in-progress "Ghost Talkers", in which mediums are used to help fight the Great War.


Nov. 4th, 2014 08:12 am
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Voting was at the high school near home. While waiting for things to start, I chatted with one of the volunteers, one of the school's students, and I found she was born in my home town of Quebec City.
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Last Tuesday night, one of our team's projects ran into some trouble so I was dragged in because it involved my area of expertise, a situation that would have been averted if my coordinator had consulted me before starting the project. I pointed this out to our boss, who replied with words to the effect that projects are happening so fast that we don't always have time to plan.
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"Yes, it *is* easy for me to say what can and can’t be done with this. It’s been my area of expertise for years and thru three versions of it."

So I wrote to my coordinator last night.
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After spending two workdays within one official workday on that work project, and two workdays within one official dayoff, I went to bed late last night, woke up early, had a light breakfast then a much needed shower, napped on the couch, woke up, went out to get coffee for Sue, and napped again on the couch. I think I'll now watch last night's episode of "Doctor Who".
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I did some metaphorical handholding at work today.
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A few days ago, I watched the ad for "The Blues Brothers". It included a scene that happens near the end, when the Brothers rush into a building to pay the orphanage's taxes to city clerk Steven Spielberg. The plaza shows dozens of police cars, tanks, people in battle armor, snipers on the roof. It occurred to me that what was meant to be over-the-top in 1980 now comes across as only slightly exaggerated.
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Is the work place like the royal courts of olden days? They both are zero-sum games after all.
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Jack Campbell's space opera "Imperfect Sword" marks the 2nd *and* the 3rd time I've been tuckerized in an SF novel. This time though, I didn't wind up with a bullet in my head. My character is still breathing. So far.

noir words

Oct. 13th, 2014 06:19 pm
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"One nice thing about stories is that their words will chase your own thoughts out of your head and help you sleep. Also, you wake up in the morning without booze's headache."

- first line of yet another noir story I'd write if I could write