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"12 Monkeys" has had two occurrences of "If I do this, it will stop the plague from happening" and, in both cases, it doesn't because the Future's historical records were incomplete. OK. The first time, it was a nice twist. The second time, I became quite annoyed. If next week's episode winds up having the ending of last night's episode turn out to be one more case of this, I'm quitting.
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It can be dangerous to read a book again after 40 years, especially if it's by an author you loved, but it didn't keep me away from Clifford Simak's 1968 novel "The Goblin Reservation". I did remember that it was set centuries in the Future, I did remember that one of the main characters was a prehistoric man rescued by Time Researchers and who now went by the name Alley Oop, that another character was a ghost who didn't know whose ghost he was, and that there were goblins and trolls, but I had forgotten that these and many other disparate elements added to a slightly messy assemblage and that Simak's style could be clunky. Still, after all those decades, I vividly remembered this:

"Facing one another, dancing to the music of the fairy orchestra, were Ghost and William Shakespeare."

gone at 83

Feb. 27th, 2015 11:12 am
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Leonard Nimoy has passed away.
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An interesting bit came out from our employer's townhall meeting today. Demand for mainframe skills, especially COBOL, are not going away, and the demand might actually increase. That's reassuring. Our system used to have many mainframe components, which I built singlehandledly, and they're the only part of the system that never broke. It's nice to know that I could revive my failing career elsewhere with my old skills.
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When one of our team's coordinators sent and email to the whole team asking me how much I had to pay the gatekeeper ladies for our deployment request to be approved so quickly, I publicly responded to them all that no money was involved, and that my French accent did it. (Privately I responded that it's because the gatekeepers like me. I guess my treating them with respect does work.)
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"Odin Child-slayer," Mist said, sweeping her arm across her face, "you are not fit to rule Midgard."
"Then you will die, along with every mortal or Alfr who dares to follow you."
"Do you see any mortals or Alfar here?" Mist asked.
The All-father smiled. "Loki," he said. "You have chosen poor allies."
"I would say that you’re at the disadvantage, Odin Dick-waver," Loki said.
"Dick-waver?" Mist said, barking a laugh.
"One must stay abreast of the times," Loki said.

From "Battlestorm", final volume of Susan Krinard's contemporary fantasy story that began with "Mist" and which will be published by Tor later this year.
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"In the early evening a tiny moth-demon was trying to batter its way into my room through as tear in the paper screen, no doubt attracted by the scent of poverty."

Thus begins Richard Parks' "To Break The Demon Gate". The author has published many short stories about Lord Yamada, investigator of the occult in Heian Japan, but this is his first novel about Yamada. I've barely begun and am already enjoying it, as I expected.
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I just finished going thru the lengthy Phase II of my tax work, and found that I am indeed missing a couple of forms, and an inaccuracy in the W-2 form issued by one of Sue's former agents. (Yes, *I* keep very good records.). Phase III will involve my chasing for the final and correct forms. Phase IV will have me fighting intelligent ants. Phase V will be the meeting with our tax consultant.
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It *is* Valentine's Day, but I really should see which tax documents are still missing. First though, microwaving some pizza.
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In case you're interested, I can also be found on Facebook.

Serge Broom on FaceBook
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Maybe it's because everybody had trashed it in advance, thus considerably lowering my expectations, but "Jupiter Ascending" was better than I expected, especially when Mila Kunis hit Eddie Redmayne with that steel bar.
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"Nothing had a shadow. Not the trees, not the grass, not the pretty green chests of the other birds still watching her, wondering what was the matter."

I am reading Catherynne Valente's "The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led The Revels There"
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The boss has updated the team's organizational chart and my little box, which used to be the only one without a description, now has something that says what I do. Go me.
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I just completed the online training on protecting my employer's information. There's a short film within and someone should tell them that ponytails are passé, even for evil hackers who sport a General Zod beard.
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I am as ethical this year as I was last year - meaning 100% ethical - according to the mandatory online training I just went thru.


Feb. 2nd, 2015 11:07 am
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Not only was I the one who reminded our higherups that we need to plan for this year’s first backup-environment testing, but I then scheduled a meeting where I described my proposal, after which I sent out a recap of their feedback. I am showing… Initiative! Leadership! Awesomeness!
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"Wait a minute! They can't shrink me."
"Our miniaturizer can shrink anything."
"But I don't want to be miniaturized!"
"It's just for an hour."
"Not even for a minute!"

I watched 1966's "Fantastic Voyage" last night. Its Blu-Ray is, well, fantastic, sharp and crisp. Sure, the FX are primitive by modern standards, but it remains an enjoyable story, once you accept the shaky science. It was quite interesting, catching the accidental reminders that the movie was made almost 50 years ago. For example, Donald Pleasence justifies his attack of agoraphobia on being buried alive during the Blitz. And the prologue tells us about outer space and how humans would soon travel to another world. And... There were the sexual politics. Stephen Boyd initially expresses skepticism about Raquel Welch's presence onboard, but, once she shows that she knows her stuff by zapping a metal plate with a laser, the issue never really comes up again. Interesting.

By the way, I was unable to figure which character James Brolin played.
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I just sent my boss the feedback she requested and which she will use for my yearly review.
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I finished Andy Weir's "The Martian" on the bus to work.
Suspenseful to the very end.
I hope the movie will do justice to this story about intelligence's triumph.
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From the not-thinking-things-thru dept... It used to be that, if your team didn't want to shell out money to provide a cell phone to every member so that they could be oncall, they'd provide one phone and would tie it to a shared mailbox so that, when a job failed, the automated email would go to that mailbox. They'd pass that phone from one oncall person to the next. This was never an issue for me because I'm one thousand miles away from the team so they gave me my own cell. It turns out that, when they upgraded our team's various cells from Blackberry 7 to Blackberry 10, they never considered that shared mailboxes would not be allowed anymore. I guess they will have to provide every oncall person with a cell after all.