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From the not-thinking-things-thru dept... It used to be that, if your team didn't want to shell out money to provide a cell phone to every member so that they could be oncall, they'd provide one phone and would tie it to a shared mailbox so that, when a job failed, the automated email would go to that mailbox. They'd pass that phone from one oncall person to the next. This was never an issue for me because I'm one thousand miles away from the team so they gave me my own cell. It turns out that, when they upgraded our team's various cells from Blackberry 7 to Blackberry 10, they never considered that shared mailboxes would not be allowed anymore. I guess they will have to provide every oncall person with a cell after all.
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I think I'm coming down with a cold. Drat. I hope things get better for tomorrow, which is our 29th wedding anniversary. It'll be just Sue and I going to Mimi's Cafe, but still... I'll take it easy today. No gym workout obviously. Vacuuming the floors, getting some groceries because Sue wants to make a cheesecake for our wedding celebration. Overall though, it'll be couch time today.
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There is one big cheat in the first 60 pages of Andy Weir's novel "The Martian", but I'm enjoying the tale nonetheless. I do wonder how the movie will handle all the science/tech stuff. It'll probably toss most of it out. Its director is Ridley Scott, who produced the miniseries remake of "The Andromeda Strain", from which all the scientific inquiry had been tossed out.
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"Two promises given. Two candles lit for the Future."

I just finished reading Beth Bernobich's novel "The Time Roads".
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This morning, MEtv was showing an episode of "The Rebel", which starred Nick Adams, who was in the Outer Limits story where a man and a woman are beamed to a jungle planet for some fun & game against an alien duo. Sue said that the woman with Adams looked familiar, that maybe she'd been in the Twilight Zone. I didn't pay much attention to the episode because I was more interested in finding who that lady was. No, she was not in the TZ story where Steve Forest crosses over to a reality very close to ours, but still different, and which was the inspiration for Brian Eno's "Once In A Lifetime". No, she wasn't in the OL episode where Robert Culp is turned into a monster to scare Earth into peace. No, she wasn't in the OL episode where Culp hears rocks talking. By the end of "The Rebel" I caught her name in the ending credits - Gail Kobe. She was indeed in a few episodes of the TZ, and in a few episodes of the OL. What we remembered her from was th OL story where alien flowers spit puffed rice at Dabney Coleman and kill him. No, it wasn't later remade as "9 to 5".
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Yesterday's plans were to spend the morning tallying Sue's writing expenses after breakfast. I was done a bit later, by early evening, and not just because breakfast was delayed by an issue with the waffle iron. There were lots of paper bits to go thru, but the worst element of our tax season is now out of the way.
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Yesterday a friend reminded me that I may have had one friend who didn't value my friendship, but that I have other friends who do value it.


Jan. 7th, 2015 07:45 am
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I hope that the mathematics used to calculate my job's overall performance rating will work in my favor this year.

The way it works is something like this. There are 5 categories within the review, each with its own score. The individual scores are then summed then divided by 5. Now, if one used normal mathematics, a 3.8 out of 5 score would be rounded up to 4, not rounded down to 3. The rounding-down is what happened last year, after quite a few years of getting a 4. On the bright side, I don't expect my final score will be a 2.9. Maybe 3.1 so I guess I'm safe from further decrease in my final rating.
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Every month, on the first Tuesday, I meet with my boss over the phone, but not today. It looks like she forgot to propagate the scheduled appointment to beyond December 2014. It's not like those one-on-one affairs really accomplish anything anyway, but it's funny that she forgot about it.
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"From a world beyond the fringe Valduma lured men to a voluptuous half-life..."

So says my office calendar's art for this month, from Planet Stories's January 1952, which featured Poul Anderson's "Sargasso of Lost Ships".

A voluptuous half-life sounds good, but the lady's braid that turns into a heavy chain *is* a bit disquieting.
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I just finished "Carousel Seas", Sharon Lee's third - and apparently final - fantasy novel about Archer's Beach, an eastern-seaboard resort town where some of the denizens are not your usual Maine folks. Recommended, along with "Carousel Tides" and "Carousel Sun".
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I was wondering how my friend Nicole - up in Quebec - was doing because, when a friend tells you she's been diagnosed with cancer and you don't hear from her afterward, you tend to worry. I got an email from her this morning. She's about to go thru her 4th chemo session, then there'll be the last one in early February. Then she'll know for sure. Things look good, but I cross my fingers.
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I peeked ahead at my office's 2015 pulp calendar and it has some awesome stuff. Especially the guy flying across the sky with his arms held like a plane's wings, with a scantily-clad lady sitting on his butt.
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"Alas, the matter is out of my hands. I will deliver you to the Queen, or we will both face her wrath."
I crossed my arms and scowled at him. "Arden is not all that wrath-y. She used to be a bookstore clerk."

I am reading "Winter Long", Seanan McGuire's most recent novel about October Daye.
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Reading A Bertram Chandler's novel "The Road to the Rim"... Something is off about the story. I have a similar reaction to Kim Stanley Robinson's tales so that tells more about me than about Chandler. Also, the sexual politics are quite a reflection of when the story was written.
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After a refrigerator that wouldn't get cold, after a dryer that wouldn't get warm, I just had to deal with a Christmas Tree the light strands of which all went out. I approached this scientifically: i removed the bottommost strand, plugged the end of the next-one-up into the electric cord, and the Tree came back to life.

In other news, a road runner came down from the top of the hill to our backyard lawn. This caused great frustration for the beasty boys trapped indoors.
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I did it last year. I also did it this year. Or was it twice this year? This is the second time I've entered the wrong password once too many on my blackberry, and that caused it to wipe itself out. It rebuilt my phone list though so I mostly lost time. And the few photos I was still keeping on it. So it goes.
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"That's who we'll have fightin' on our side, the devil!"

"Still Valley", a seldom seen episode of the Twilight Zone, is about Johnny Reb being offered a sure way of winning the War, but in the end he turns down the Devil's offer, for the sake of his eternal soul. Why am I bringing this up? The recently released report on torture committed by our side makes me feel that this time some people have made that Deal, no matter what happens to our country's soul.
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One advantage of working from home is that you can drink on the job.
One problem with that is when your job makes you want to drink.
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It's 'fascinating' how people can fail to communicate even when using the same language, with one person thinking she's helping with suggestions and counsels, and the other person seeing those as dictates. Universal translators somehow never have problems like that.