Jan. 17th, 2015

sergebroom: (t'Pau)
This morning, MEtv was showing an episode of "The Rebel", which starred Nick Adams, who was in the Outer Limits story where a man and a woman are beamed to a jungle planet for some fun & game against an alien duo. Sue said that the woman with Adams looked familiar, that maybe she'd been in the Twilight Zone. I didn't pay much attention to the episode because I was more interested in finding who that lady was. No, she was not in the TZ story where Steve Forest crosses over to a reality very close to ours, but still different, and which was the inspiration for Brian Eno's "Once In A Lifetime". No, she wasn't in the OL episode where Robert Culp is turned into a monster to scare Earth into peace. No, she wasn't in the OL episode where Culp hears rocks talking. By the end of "The Rebel" I caught her name in the ending credits - Gail Kobe. She was indeed in a few episodes of the TZ, and in a few episodes of the OL. What we remembered her from was th OL story where alien flowers spit puffed rice at Dabney Coleman and kill him. No, it wasn't later remade as "9 to 5".
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"Two promises given. Two candles lit for the Future."

I just finished reading Beth Bernobich's novel "The Time Roads".