May. 11th, 2015

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I saw "Age of Ultron" last night.

Damn, is it a crowded movie or is it a crowded movie. Then again, that's my problem with those 'group' stories where each character already has an existence elsewhere, but, when they all come together, they are diminished as individual characters and instead become parts of a plot. And it gets worse when the decision is made to add more parts to the mix. Also, while the Marvel Movie Continuity is an interesting project, I don't think it works for anybody who's not familiar with the other stories. Who is Nick Fury? What is SHIELD? What is Hydra? What is this alien invasion they refer to? It's one thing to have tales interconnected, but we're not told *how* they're connected. Mind you, there's little time for that when there's all that sound and fury taking up so much of that time.

At least there's Paul Bettany.

ADDENDUM... I prefer stories of group that exist for organic reasons, like the X-men, who become a family because there are people out there who want to kill them, or like the Fantastic Four, who literally are a family. I prefer tales where a character becomes greater for being in a group, not less.
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"Don't touch anything, OK?"
"I wouldn't touch that if I were you."

The first 30 minutes were quite good, but it all went downhill when they decided to take their helmets off once they decided that the atmosphere inside the alien ship was breathable. That scene made me think of Flexi Jerkoff landing on planet Porno then stepping outside his ship to take a deep breath and make sure there was an atmosphere. Yes, I just finished watching Ridley Scott's "Prometheus", the story of the stupidest scientific explorers ever.