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Recent reading... "Before The Living End" and "The Secret Lives of Dead Men". They respectively collect Issues 1-5, and 6-10 of Ed Brubaker's comic-book "Velvet". Set in 1973, it's about a woman who worked for a very secret agency of the British secret services until they started to suspect she had been turned against her masters. Now she has to find what is really going on and who set her up for a fall in this dark and twisted tale, with a high body count. It has *one* joke, when someone refers to the agency's equivalent of 007's Q as Joe 90.

Looking forward to the rest of the story, still to be published.
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"I'm not a monster. I just can't... make him give up his life here for... something that isn't working anymore."
"I understand."
She dug a Kleenex from her purse and blew her nose. "Do you? Really?"
"I was so afraid that you wouldn't. That you'd hate me for this. I can't stand the thought of ever losing you."
"When have you ever lost me?"

I just finished reading Armistead Maupin's "Sure of You", another of his novels about friendship and love and fear that they will end, which got its title from AA Milne.

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.
"Pooh!" he whispered.
"Yes, Piglet?"
"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure of you."
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Last night I finished "Nemesis Games", James SA Corey's fifth novel of space opera "The Expanse". Did I like it? Well, I'm expecting it to be my top nominee for next year's Hugos. How good is it? Let's say that if the "Expanse" tv series makes it all the way to the events of this novel, it will knock the audience's socks off.
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Regarding the upcoming 20th anniversary of my being with this employer, I hope my boss doesn't bring it up to anybody else in the team because then they'll feel obligated to congratulate me and I'll have to pretend it's an achievement.
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After we'd switched to our recovery environment, during last weekend's exercise, I was tempted to let one of our tech people send out the email telling everybody that the switch was successful because they had done the actual work. Then I asked myself what my friend and once co-worker would say to me about that and I decided that, since I had done all the prep work(*), and since I had managed the whole thing, I should be the one to give the good news. That went against my nature, but my nature has not been a good guide to success.

(*) As my boss said during the my yearly review, I " a lot of tasks that people don't want to..."
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Unrelated to today's momentous events - and quite pale in comparison... I have accomplished an accomplishment at work. The project I had planned and managed is going well. We just completed the switch to our recovery environment, only three minutes behind schedule, and jobs are running smoothly over there.. I think I'll have a drink then some sleep.
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"Searching for a bike she could 'borrow' to get to Golden Gate Park, she felt the sound before her ears registered it: an earth-shattering blast that rattled windows, set off every car alarm on the block and sent her crashing to her knees. For a few moments she was too deaf even to think, and then she realized what she had just heard. The Gjallarhorn. The herald of Ragnarok, the Last Battle, the end of the world."

(from Susan Krinard's contemporary fantasy novel "Battlestorm")
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"You can't be with *her*," Mist said, letting her hand fall. "Not with Hel."
"But I died of old age," he said. "Of sickness and my body's failure. I was never bound for Valhalla."
She tried to touch him, but her hand passed through him and emerged coated with ash.

- from "Battlestorm", Susan Krinard's upcoming contemporary fantasy novel about Ragnarok in the San Francisco Bay Area
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"Alien superweapons were used," Alex said, walking into the room, sleep-sweaty hair standing out from his skull in every direction. "The laws of physics were altered, mistakes were made."

- from James S. A. Corey​'s "Nemesis Games", latest in the "Expanse" space opera series
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I just finished reading Armistead Maupin's novel "Significant Others". Very romantic, about loneliness, love, friendship, family of the blood, family that you luck into.
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I wonder if Mrs Madrigal would have allowed me to stay at San Francisco's 28 Barbary Lane.

I'm reading and enjoying Armistead Maupin's novel "Significant Others".
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I recently completed my voting for this year's Hugo Awards, after which I went to a nearby bookstore hoping to find something that'd chase away the taste of the whole Pupae-tainted affair. I wound up far from the SF field, and into the mystery section hoping I'd find something by Ed Gorman or by BJ Oliphant, and I wound up with cozy mystery "One Foot in the Grape" by Carlene O'Neil. It's set in the Monterey wine country and my subconscious must have played tricks on me because the heroine gets involved when her relative finds that someone is spoiling her vineyard's wine.

That being said, I'm having a good time with this book and, when I'm done with it, I'll go back to my favorite genre, with James SA Corey's space opera novel "Nemesis Game".

five down

Jun. 8th, 2015 01:41 pm
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Five Hugo novel nominees down.
I am now *done* with this year's Hugos.

four down

Jun. 3rd, 2015 10:21 pm
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Four Hugo novel nominees down.
One Hugo novel nominee to go.

three down

May. 30th, 2015 06:55 pm
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Three Hugo novel nominees down.
Two Hugo novel nominees to go.
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This morning, one of the higher-ups that infest... I mean... that *manage* our team got around to telling me they're deploying a major change to our system in September. I diplomatically pointed out that, a few days right after that, we are obligated to participate in a department-wide exercise testing the backup environments of all teams. A few minutes ago, I attended a meeting where I brought this up again, still diplomatically, but with some slight snark in it, and pointed out that it might be imprudent to switch to our backup environment before we've fully exercised the modified system in its real-world environment. You may be asking yourself why my higher-ups would schedule a deployment so close to a backup exercise the date of which I had warned them about in early May. The answer? I was tempted to ask if they ever read my emails, even the ones marked 'important'. I wisely refrained. The upshot? I now have to ask for an exception so that we can delay our backup exercise and run it standalone. You can bet that I'll make it clear to the exception-granter that I work for a bunch of putzes.

two down

May. 28th, 2015 10:24 pm
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Two Hugo novel nominees down.
Three Hugo novel nominees to go.

one down

May. 27th, 2015 10:52 pm
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One Hugo novel nominee down.
Four Hugo novel nominees to go.
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I don't know about you, but, disappointing as some of Marvel's tv/movie offerings have been, I do get a thrill when their logo comes up and rapidly flips thru their comic-book art. I started reading them when they were considered garbage, and you were mocked by adults and by other kids if you were caught reading and enjoying them. I don't believe misfits have won the war. Misfits remain misfits, but, DAMNED if it isn't nice that we've won one battle.
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There was quite a bit of foul matter in the garage.
("TMI, Serge!")
No, not *that* kind of foulness. I'm talking about the manuscripts and page proofs that publishers used to send back to authors before everything went electronic, and Sue accumulated quite a bit in the 21 years since her first novel was published. There was enough to fill up our large recycling bin. That being said, the disposal of the matters was the climax of the four hours I spent in the garage this morning, making more room out of less room. deciding what would go to the dump, what would go to Goodwill, then rearranging the keeper stuff in the liberated floor space and shelves. I think I'll now spend the rest of the afternoon on the couch, relaxing by watching the latest episode of "Game of Thrones", then reading the Hugo's novel nominees. There will probably be a nap somewhere in there.