Feb. 15th, 2015

sergebroom: (Yojimbo)
"In the early evening a tiny moth-demon was trying to batter its way into my room through as tear in the paper screen, no doubt attracted by the scent of poverty."

Thus begins Richard Parks' "To Break The Demon Gate". The author has published many short stories about Lord Yamada, investigator of the occult in Heian Japan, but this is his first novel about Yamada. I've barely begun and am already enjoying it, as I expected.
sergebroom: (Mist)
"Odin Child-slayer," Mist said, sweeping her arm across her face, "you are not fit to rule Midgard."
"Then you will die, along with every mortal or Alfr who dares to follow you."
"Do you see any mortals or Alfar here?" Mist asked.
The All-father smiled. "Loki," he said. "You have chosen poor allies."
"I would say that you’re at the disadvantage, Odin Dick-waver," Loki said.
"Dick-waver?" Mist said, barking a laugh.
"One must stay abreast of the times," Loki said.

From "Battlestorm", final volume of Susan Krinard's contemporary fantasy story that began with "Mist" and which will be published by Tor later this year.